The Westside Sol is a multi-media company specializing in Advertising and Marketing solutions for new and existing businesses.  The Westside Sol newspaper is the flagship of our services.  We also produce the Southside Sol for our business partners and readers in the Southside of San Antonio along with the most recent addition to our services, Overtime Sports Radio. Overtime Sports radio airs every Tuesday on KTMR 92.5 FM & 1130 AM Radio. Both of our publications include our San Antonio Medical Section. As America gets older, we have created a section that includes Medical services to our communities from several Medical groups and other health related partners.  Our multiple services allow us to provide you the business leader access to an untapped market.  The City of San Antonio is a diverse community with over 60% of its citizens of Hispanic origin.  Our unique advertising and marketing campaigns give the Sol Newspapers a clear advantage with the ability to target this specific demographic that also includes the general market with the most affordable rates in the city that will include FREE radio spots on some combo packages on our radio show Overtime Sports with airs every Tuesday from 11am to 12:30pm.   As you venture through our website, allow yourself the opportunity to explore the many ways in which you can reach our loyal readers and listeners with your products and service.

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West Side Sol February 2024

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Each Tuesday between 11:00 am to 12:30 pm on KTMR 92.5 FM and 1130 AM